Angus Hunter is a pastor, teacher and author living in Waco, Texas.

Angus Hunter was born in Randfontein, South Africa, of predominantly Scottish stock in the years following the Second World War. His family moved to Natal (now KwaZulu), during his early years, where he had the privilege of growing up in the African countryside amongst the Zulu people.

He became a Christian at the age of twelve through a wonderfully dramatic and very real experience of Jesus. At that time, he understood clearly that he belonged completely to Him and that he was to love and serve Him forever. His relationship with Jesus has always been the central matter in his life.

He graduated from Dundee High School and then attended Rhodes University in Grahamstown, where he majored in Theology and Church History. Whilst there, he met his wife, Clare, and they were married during his final year of studies. He then embarked on a two year internship with a church, while at the same time participating in a program of graduate studies in Johannesburg where he studied pastoral counseling, church management, homiletics and other related subjects. At this time he also took some courses in psychology and counseling in conjunction with the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

He then moved to Durban where he was the pastor of a church for the next fourteen years. Here, he and Clare began their family of four wonderful boys. Under his ministry, God built up a church that became effective in its body life ministry, evangelism, and in various mission projects. He worked with youth, leading and speaking at many conferences at a regional and national level. He has also had a ministry with music and leading people in worship.

From the beginning of a major renewal movement in South Africa in the early 1970’s, he became involved in leadership with many conferences and churches at a local and national level. He had much experience working across denominations and some of the different cultures of South Africa. His teaching ministry developed in a ‘prophetic’ way along with his God-given gifts in prayer counseling and bringing healing to the inner person. He has also taught much on the healing of the soul and spirit, and identity (that is, knowing who we are in Christ), on the person of the Holy Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit, hearing God's voice, communion and intimacy with God, and ‘Living in the Spirit’. In the counseling area, he has also taught and worked much with gender identity and healing.

Since ceasing to pastor a church, he has traveled and taught in churches, seminars, conferences and various training centers around the world. He also teaches in the University of the Nations (the world-wide missionary training wing of Youth with a Mission - YWAM) in Hawaii and around the world. He has worked in South, West and North Africa, the USA, Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Far East, and Central and South America.

He is considered by those who know him to have a gentle disposition in his personality and teaching style.

Some years ago, he was led by God to live in the USA. Initially the family moved to North Georgia and then later to Waco, Texas. In Waco, he and his wife are associated with Antioch Ministries International. Angus teaches in the Church Planting training school and helps pastor missionary families and church plants in the US and around the world.

Angus and Clare have, as a family, been called by God to live by faith and as such have seen God's loving and faithful provision in their lives. Angus has sought to base his life on hearing God's voice and following Him. It is his prayer that he would become one with God and be filled with all the fullness of He who is Love.

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